Quality Initiatives Are Making Healthcare Affordable In West Bengal

Making quality healthcare affordable and available is very important. The West Bengal government has launched several initiatives in the last few years to transform the healthcare landscape in India.

Likewise, the government of West Bengal has ushered in a revolution in the healthcare sector of the state. It is the only state in the country to have a Chief Minister handling the portfolio of its health department. “A number of initiatives have been taken in the state, which have been well supported and aided by all the leading hospitals,” says a medical practitioner at AMRI Hospital in Kolkata.

The new government has made every kind of treatment free in government hospitals. It has set up 107 fair price medicine shops in the state. The government is also providing the land, electricity and water to the hospital premises.

Aiding the initiative, the private sector is also providing medical facilities at reasonable rates. Apart from this, 33 CCUs and 17 HDUs have also been built by the government in the last 4 years.

The initiatives taken by the central government including the Mission Indradhanush, E-health, Ayushman Bharat, National Organ Transplant Program, Drug Regulation, Tobacco Control Program and many more, have benefited all the states. Five regional organ and tissue transplant organizations have been established in West Bengal; the organ donation rate has increased in the state since 2012.

World famous hospitals like AMRI Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital, Desun Hospital, Medica Super speciality Hospital, and many more are emerging as a hotspot for medical tourism in West Bengal. The credit also goes to the government initiatives that have paved the way for upgradation of the existing hospitals, while giving green signal to the new establishments.

With advanced technology at their disposal, these hospitals are providing a vast range of health services. Some of the important specialities offered by these hospitals include cardiology and cardiac surgery, dermatology, dentistry, radiology, obstetrics, oncology, gynaecology, orthopaedics, neurology, etc. They are equipped with state of the art Cath labs, LINAC for radiotherapy, OT’s with HEPA, MRI and CT scan machines. These hospitals treat a number of patients every day, providing un-interrupted healthcare services to the locals, as well as foreign nationals.

There is hardly any doubt about the credibility of healthcare industry in West Bengal. Both government and local healthcare centres have witnessed a massive change. “We have witnessed a major change with new reforms and initiatives, as most of the hospitals are capable of treating a number of patients with various diseases under one premises,” says a general practitioner at AMRI Hospitals. The central government and the state government of West Bengal are looking to launch a number of new initiatives in the future that can further boost the industry.

Source: bluetreeweb.com

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